New Horizons Message Initiative

Your Chance to Speak for Earth in a “Voyager Golden Record 2.0”

The New Horizons Message Initiative hopes to persuade NASA to upload a crowd-sourced message to the spacecraft’s memory, following a successful Pluto encounter. The form and content of the message are yet to be determined, but will probably consist of pictures and, possibly, sounds. This is a project to create and implement that message.


To me, the most important part of what we are doing is the Message TO Earth aspect. Literally nothing is more important than raising planetary consciousness, a planetary perspective, given the global problems we will face in this century. We can play a worthwhile part in that.
~ Mark Washburn

“This is cool… I just signed!” ~ LeVar Burton

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Please Help with a Donation

Our effort is entirely volunteer, but we do have expenses in coordinating an international campaign. Even a small donation will be appreciated and used to advance this project. It will be far easier to raise funds after we get NASA’s approval. But we need your help NOW to continue this effort effectively. We have some terrific donor rewards from renowned space artist Jon Lomberg. Thank you!
Donor Reward Sample – $25 Level – “Visions of the Galaxy” Notecard Set
Four notecards of imaginative depictions of the Milky Way Galaxy, ranging from realistic to visionary, including Jon Lomberg’s famous mural for the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. See the donation page for details on this reward and to view the many other rewards available.

Alan Stern
“I am for it (the message). I think it will inspire and engage people to think about SETI and New Horizons in new ways.” ~ Alan Stern, Principal Investigator for New Horizons

Download posters in 26 different languages and share with your friends around the world!

Your signature and donation will show NASA the strength of our public support.

Su firma y donación demostrará a NASA que la gente de la Tierra quiere que se realice este mensaje.


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NH advisors1

The New Horizons Message Initiative is a private initiative of Galaxy Garden™ Enterprises. Email us at


We are working hard to provide more translations to reflect the global nature of the New Horizons Message Initiative. Check back regularly for updates.

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